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How youth can be helpful in enriching society through digital media

Youth and media

Youth is the nation’s strength. Its characteristic energy and capabilities support the nation’s economic and political both. They are the backbone of the national youth, formed from the sensitive age groups. The encouragement and enrichment path of searching their goals and dreams is through social change. The role of media in the economy’s development and also the role of digital tools in the lives of the people have both benefits and drawbacks of these digital technologies.

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media and the new era

Nowadays social media has become an essential part of human life. This helps them develop their physical psycho motor and cognitive and socio-cultural skills in this fast-moving era. Everything is directly or indirectly dependent on this digital media. These sources help people to connect themselves in various ways. The economy is becoming digitally developed. They connect social networking to instant messaging to text messaging everyone with each other, no matter where you live we can connect ourselves globally.

Besides connecting worldwide social media highly influences are shopping relationships and education. But the question arises how large a role does networking through social media plays into our lives? May be more than any of us can realize!

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youth and their “social Relations”

In a youth life’s most of the social network supports their pre-existing social relations. One of the social media platforms used to maintain existing online or offline relations is Facebook. These solidify our connection with people whom we don’t meet randomly as we avoid meeting new people. These relationships may be weak, but the youth of these days are more attracted to these social media platforms that differentiate social media from earlier sources of public interaction such as newspapers.

The youth of nowadays find YouTube and another form of social media platform very useful and productive. Enhancing their skills YouTube in a video sharing application affects society a lot more than we can think today. It is because in our society it is common to humor each other by sharing videos pictures or any media with their friends and family. These digital media has helped a lot more in enriching society by helping them to communicate with each other globally, but it has made the people of today’s world idle.

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Benefits of social media

These days social media is a very important aspect of human life. Digital media has found it more appropriate to enrich their attitudes skills. Creative humour can also be connected with other social networking sites. These sites allow people to communicate and remain in contact with friends relatives. Tracking with other people, these tools allow you to find others with similar interest social networking. It also allows creative expression by using tools such as blogging and messaging to post ideas and stories users also share poems, music, hobbies, study material and many other things. Event invitation can be made and send to friends apart. From talking to friends via these tools can be helped to discuss educational topics. These sites and platform not just benefit individuals but also its benefits businessman. These sites allow the businessman to advertise and to reach many people at a time.

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