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Pamphlets on coronavirus by using MS Word

What is coronavirus?

Corona virus image - Pamphlet On Coronavirus By Using MS Word
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Pamphlets On Coronavirus By Using MS Word – Coronavirus or SARS-COV-2 is an infectious virus that has led to the pandemic disease called COVID-19. This virus emerged in China in December 2019 and has now spread throughout the entire world. The stats of the infected and deaths are increasing day by day. It expounds many preventions and precautions to the public to protect them from this pandemic disease. It also makes many positive notes available in the form of pamphlets or posters in the paper form or through the internet. 

What can be the components of these pamphlets?

Corona Virus Pamphlet - Pamphlet On Coronavirus By Using MS Word

These pamphlets can constitute the following:

  • Messages which will spread positivity among the people while fighting the virus,
  • Rules can prevent this virus if followed properly
  • Thanks for the corona fighters, and many more.

How to make it on MS Word?

How to make it on MS Word? - How to make it on MS Word?
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They mainly use MS Word for making coronavirus pamphlet on A4 size. We leave a portion on the sides for the same. We can note the following steps while making the pamphlet on coronavirus. 

  • Use of less material to avoid any clutter. Or else it might look unattractive.
  • Using pictures and quotes to describe the poster. Here, certain scenarios can include certain scenarios in the poster.
    • Corona Fighters: This can include pictures of the hospital staff, police officers, etc. who are doing their best out of best to save us from this pandemic disease.
    • Message to stay safe: Including normal quotes like “Stay Home, Stay Safe”, concluding common awareness point, and rules for all.


Corona virus Pamphlet rules
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  • This can include the common rules clarified by WHO to be followed by everyone, that is, 
    • to wash hands for about 20 seconds,
    • to wear a mask,
    • use of sanitizer, etc.

  • The content of the pamphlet should be in proper order, so it could be understood easily. 
  • The color combination is the most important part of it. 
  • Using unnecessary elements should be avoided. 
  • The font of the pamphlet should be readable, and the font color should accord to the background. It should not be very shiny or bright, but eye-catching.
  • All the points should be clear and focusing on the key concept of the pamphlet.

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