How much do you know about Articles Factory and Blogs? We know a little! Eventually we all are dependent on each other and when it comes to reading and writing, it becomes a very basic activity of our day. That’s why we have created this small piece of platform, where you are free to give suggestions and any sort of excerpts.

We will publish it on your behalf

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light

Vera Nazarian

trying to be your daily need

Reading everyday is probably the only basic activity that evokes, discovers and experiments with fresh ideas since centuries. Article Factory, in this aspects acts as a literary resource that has experiments of words and ideas and supports imperfect thoughts with the inconstancy of the world.

Article factory layout the following which is utmost helpful as far as possible.

  • The writeups are genuine and originally scribbled by people themselves.
  • The content is surely helpful and informative that helps in expanding your knowledge.
  • The website is easily accessible, unlike some clumsy apps.
  • The content here is easy to understand and takes you a free source of entertainment.

our history

We found Article Factory as the team of two people, Nitesh Singh and Sonmit Shukla who were classmates and now are pursuing BTech and BCA respectively from renowned universities. We further added Swagta Nath, a friend pursuing law, who looks after all the editing work of the site.

Article Factory is a field of vision, wishes to join hands with people eager to write, and is brimming with thoughts. We will always greet the best out of you to keep this aspiration flourishing.

We are gently looking forward to gaining goodwill by writing with lots of talented people out there. You are free to share blogs, articles, any informative excerpt or any suggestion would also be valuable.

For Authors

Here we bring you 5 main categories under which you can delve and come along with your set of concept and visualisation.

  • Cuisine
  • Fashion & Life style
  • Personality Development
  • Tech & IT
  • Travel

Meet Our Team!

Nitesh Singh

Founder & Project Manager

Swagta Nath - Author

Swagta Nath

Editor-in-Chief & Consultant Editor


Sonmit Shukla

Founder & Web Administrator